LithiumBit is not just a crypto currency, it is a constantly evolving platform that will allow its users to use their crypto currencies in very creative ways enhancing their exchange for goods and services through applications and websites.
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Our team of professionals

A multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the world of computers and new technologies.

UI/UX Designer
Gonzalo Palma

Diseñador Gráfico y Desarrollador iOS

Benjamín Riquelme

Desarrollador Linux

Martín Carrasco


Tomás Aguilera



Fechas de lanzamientos

Launch of LithiumBit.

Web, White Paper, PressKit, Social networking, Airdrop

Abril 14, 2018

Launch of Token LithiumBit

Web 2.0, Token, Wallet, Pool, Explorer

Abril 28, 2018

Launch of Web support

Web support, GitHub Repository, Get reward.

Abril 30, 2018

Airdrop Results

And the winners are…

Mayo 06, 2018


LithiumBit Trading Begins

Q3, 2018

Launch of LithiumMarket

Exclusive MarketPlace of the project

Q3, 2018

Launch of LithiumPay

Apps for sending and receiving money

Q3, 2018


Otras integraciones futuras

Q4, 2018

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Comprehensive and transparent information.

What is the purpose of LithiumBit?

Our goal is to be the best cryptomoney developed in Chile. To achieve this we have focused on three aspects.

  1. Development: We have spent a lot of time developing the code with an emphasis on field testing to test its entire operation and avoid future problems, along with it we have designed a set of contingency plans to act quickly and organized in case of possible problemss.
  2. Information: We designed a well documented website which allows us to access all the project information in an orderly and transparent manner.
  3. Applications: Once the price of the coin has stabilized, we will launch web and mobile applications that allow you to send and receive money in an extremely easy, fast and secure way. Next to a market place («Lithium Market») for the real world use of LBIT allowing you to buy and sell products and services.

What make us different from other Cryptos?

We have a more entrepreneurial approach, thought of as a product or service and we want to reward the miners as they should and above all bring the use of this technology to everyone by making applications useful and easy to use.

What is the benefit of LitiumBit?

The main benefit is for the community that supports the project since from the beginning we will be paying a good amount of LBITs per mined block, together with this we will make great Airdrops distributing a great part of the pre-mining among the users, regardless of their level of mining power but always distributing them in an equitable way to avoid that a user has a great part of the LBITs and can manage the price.

Technical details of LithiumBit

  • Algorithm: Cryptonight
  • Maximum supply: 75.000.000
  • Block Generation: Every 180 seconds
  • Reward per block: Variable from 70 LBIT
  • Emission factor: 19
  • Pre-mining: LithiumBit will have a 1.5% maximum pre mining to cover implementation and development costs. High % will go to airdrops
  • Pool 1:
  • Explorer:

How to mine LithiumBit?

To mine LithiumBit you will have to download and install your Wallet with it you will be able to generate your identification number on the net, it allows you to mine and access some of the official pools. You will find a step-by-step manual with all the information and links to download the necessary applications.

Is it pre-mined?

Yes, there will be a prize of a maximum of 1.5% of the total coins issued. This will cover all costs related to its development, marketing and dissemination. One third of this amount will be distributed among the community that supports the project through airdrops and other types of rewards, which we will inform in a timely manner through official channels. The Team is committed to not influencing the value of the same because our goal is to achieve a short time price stabilization to meet the objectives set.

How to buy LithiumBit?

At the moment you can only generate your own currencies by participating in the mining process and you can also access the Airdrops. Our intention is to access a Latin American Exchange that allows you to buy, sell and make transactions between different countries. Thus fulfilling the promise of becoming a more accessible alternative for sending and receiving money between people and companies..

Manuals and Support

Along with the launch of the coin we will make available to the community a comprehensive website and forum with help topics, step-by-step manuals and support where users can also post their own errors or questions and contribute to the solution of other users’ errors. We want LithiumBit to be used by everyone and not just by the most Geek.

Source code available in GitHub

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Email: [email protected]